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  • Splendid ring in 18 carat yellow gold,
    Set with an oval Limoges enamel,
    Depicting a woman's bust in profile,
    Dressed and headdressed in antique drapes.

    French work around 1920, Art Deco style, signed Bardonnaud (enameller identified in Limoges at the beginning of the 20th century) on the back of the cabochon.


    hand painting,
    Metallic draped details,
    Colors (red, blue, green, yellow) frank and lively!

    Material(s) : 18-carat yellow gold, Limoges enamel.

    Enamel is a vitrified material, obtained by the mixture of various minerals forming a paste, which takes on its solid and vitreous appearance by firing on fire.

    Since the Middle Ages, the city of Limoges has seen the development of several successive methods of enamelling which have made its reputation. The technique of painted enamels, which appeared in the 15th century. and fell into disuse at the end of the 18th century, became fashionable again at the beginning of the 20th century, particularly within the Art Deco movement (1920s-1930s), as this ring testifies.

    Size : 57
    Do not hesitate to refer to the size guide! (tab "  FAQs  ")

    Condition : Very good condition. The enamel has no scratches or chips.

    Female Profile Enamel Ring

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