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  • Pair of so-called "sleeper" earrings,

    With chiseled decoration whose pattern recalls stars...

    In two-tone 18-carat gold:

    Decor in gray gold on pink gold.


    They take the form of a cube with cut sides.


    Old work from the end of the 19th century,

    They bear a horse's head hallmark, certifying an 18-carat gold content between the years 1838 and 1919.


    The "sleeper" clasp system is both practical and comfortable (no risk of losing them!)



    Material(s) : 18 carat gold


    Dimensions: 1.6 cm in total length.


    Condition : Good general condition for their age, but they have some wear on the corners, visible in the photos.

    This is a defect that goes almost unnoticed because it is present identically and symmetrically on both loops. You might think it was done on purpose!

    Defect taken into account in our tariff.





    All our jewels are subject to authentication and restoration before being offered for sale.

    Old sleepers

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