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  • oval stud earrings,
    In 18 carat yellow gold,
    Set with blue agate cameos in the profile of a woman.

    Despite the small size of these curls, the cameos are of great finesse and offer beautiful details, in particular the hair: if you look closely, you will even notice a flower above the ear...

    Material(s) : 18k yellow gold, blue agate.
    Agate is a variety of chalcedony, a mineral composed of quartz crystals. It is part of the fine stones, also called "  semi precious  ".

    Dimensions : height 1.0 cm x width 0.8 cm


    Condition : Like new



    This jewel is not old! It is a recent, second-hand model, which we offer exceptionally because we fell in love with its beauty and delicacy.

    We offer the matching ring for sale.

    cameo ear studs

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