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We are two sisters behind Soror:

Perrine, artisan jeweler ( @perrinelipari )  and Flora, vintage fashion saleswoman ( @filledejoie_vintage ).

In 2021, we combined our passions by creating Soror, an online vintage jewelry store.

We want to bring the beauty and delicacy of these found treasures back to the fore, but also encourage circular and responsible trade.

We find our own jewelry all over France!

The vast majority of them come from private collections and have already been worn, sometimes over several generations.

After passing through the expert hands of Perrine for authentication, each piece receives special care ( restoration, various repairs, cleaning, etc.), in order to regain its shine!

Everything is done using professional equipment, in Perrine's jewelry workshop in Marseille.

All our jewels are carefully appraised and reach you with a detailed description.

Object of art, fashion, craftsmanship, but also history, a jewel has many facets, both aesthetic, technical and symbolic...

It's up to you to give full meaning to yours!

SOUVIENS TOI reduit.jpg

To find out more about our approach and follow our news, find us on Instagram!

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