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Soror wants to encourage the development of a trade based on the revaluation of existing resources, the circulation of second-hand goods, and the limitation of all ecological and human impacts.

We therefore use as much second-hand material as possible, or from a recycling process. Our jewels are sent to you in unique boxes, which we find ourselves in flea markets, garage sales, etc...

Boxes & packaging


Depending on the nature of the jewel, its size or its preciousness, we use different types of containers:

  • Vintage boxes, most never used!

  • Old metal or cardboard boxes: for medicines, cosmetics, sweets...

  • . ...Or even new vintage matchboxes!

Nous envoyons vos bijoux dans des écrins à bijoux vintage ou de seconde main, qui proviennent d'anciennes bijouteries et n'ont jamais été utilisés.

Tout en refusant d'acheter neuf, nous garantissons un matériel de qualité dans un état irréprochable !

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