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Nettoyage bijoux

Our best advice for taking care of your jewellery...

Wear them!

Cleaning & maintenance

Gold and silver jewelry

naturally shine when worn: the more you wear them, the shinier they will be!

gold & silver

   do not fear water.

If they get dirty, a little soap and water is enough to clean them.

If they lose shine, rub them with a soft cloth (to avoid scratches!) with a little toothpaste, baking soda, white vinegar or Marseille soap.

The gold plated

will accompany you for a long time, with a few precautions:

  • Avoid prolonged contact with water

  • Keep in mind that in the long term, the perfume can attack the plating

  • Prefer individual storage (loose jewelry risks micro-scratches, although the risk is minimal with quality jewelry!)

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