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We do not carry out sizing on the rings that we sell.

On the other hand, you can simply ask your local jeweler to adjust your jewel, +/- three sizes.


Most rings are eligible for resizing, but some complex designs may be too tricky to modify.

Size guide

Below is a guide to help you calculate your ring size.

Note that the simplest and most effective way is to ask for your size to be taken at any jewelry store!

1. Calculate the size according to your finger circumference

Measure the circumference of the finger that will wear the ring - The result, expressed in millimeters, corresponds to the size of the ring that will fit.  

Ex.: finger circumference of 53 mm - ring size 53!

If you are between two measurements, it is better to take the size above.

2. Calculate your size from a ring

Choose a ring that you are used to wearing and that is the perfect size for you.

You will find many ring sizers online to print (the important thing is to make sure you print them to the right scale!): all you have to do is place the ring on the sheet, until you find the size that corresponds closest to it. .

To find the correct size, the ring sizer must appear on the inside edge of your ring.

If you have any doubts, write to us!

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