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  • Splendid earrings in 18 carat yellow gold,
    With finely chiseled ornamental decoration,
    Both sober in their simplistic design,
    And remarkable for their carving work.

    The chiseled decoration, in addition to its aesthetic value, makes the curls sparkle: thanks to the different reliefs and facets created in the metal, the light is reflected and sparkles over the entire surface!

    They offer the perfect combo: antique, precious and elegant on the one hand, easy to wear on the other.

    Their featherweight, their shape which adapts perfectly to the lobe of the ear, and their secure clasp (it goes around the ear and is clipped to the stem at the back: no risk of losing them) , make them extremely comfortable and easy to wear.

    Condition: Excellent

    Material(s): 18k yellow gold

    Dimensions: height 1.5 cm x width 1 cm (widest)

    All our jewels are subject to authentication and restoration before being offered for sale.

    Chiselled earrings

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