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  • "Love medal" pendant,

    From the Lyon-based jewelry house Augis,

    Vintage around 1950.


    In 18-carat yellow gold, in an entourage evoking a twist, it is set with two synthetic rubies and bears the Augis hallmark.


    The reverse is blank and can be engraved in jewelry if you wish!


    The Medal of Love

    The love medal is the emblematic jewel of the Augis house. 


    The models vary, but each invariably bears the inscription " + qu'hier, - que matin ", for " I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow ", in reference to a love poem by Rosemonde Gérard dating from the beginning of the 20th century. 


    These famous medals have been in France, for generations, a great classic to offer to the person you love.


    This vintage model is no longer manufactured by Augis!




    Condition: Very good condition, but it is dented at the back.


    Materials : 18-carat gold, synthetic rubies.


    Dimensions: 1.6 cm in diameter; 1.8 cm in height including the bail.




      All our jewels are subject to authentication and restoration before being offered for sale.

    medal of love

    370,00 €Price
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