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  • Rare and precious 19th century medallion (Napoleon III period),

    A truly exceptional piece.


    Medallion in onyx and 18-carat pink gold,


    Decorated on the front with a gold Catholic cross motif, set with natural pearls.


    The medallion opens to reveal a compartmentalized interior, with a mobile glass plate allowing you to enclose a photo, a dried flower, a lock of hair, or another souvenir of your choice...


    It is an ancient treasure with a lot of charm.


    Material(s) : 18k pink gold, onyx, natural pearls


    Dimensions : 2.6 x 2.1 x 0.85 cm (medallion only, without bail)


    Condition : Very good condition, no noticeable flaws.

    Despite its age, it remained solid: no fragility at the hinges or the inner glass plate. You can open it, close it, handle it without fear of damaging it!


    ! Attention, the medallion is sold without chain!





    All our jewels are subject to authentication and restoration before being offered for sale.




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